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EFA is New England’s aerobatics hub.
It’s about tighter skills, greater
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Aerobatics Courses

Unusual Attitude/Upset Recovery Course

Basic Aerobatics Course

Also inquire about our Advanced Aerobatics opportunities and non-course fun rides.

Unusual Attitude/Upset Recovery Course


Yeah. It’s that much fun.

When you take Executive Flyers Aviation’s Unusual Attitude/Upset Recovery Course, you are taking an important step toward becoming the safest pilot you can be.

This training teaches you increased rudder coordination, enhances your skills and increases your confidence, making you a better pilot.

Course Details

  • Five flights of dual instruction in the Super Decathlon
  • Three hours of ground instruction
  • Training can be completed in 2-3 days
  • Wake turbulence training as available

Recommended Study Materials

  • Super Decathalon POH
  • “Basic Aerobatics” written by Michael Goulian

Whether you are a new aviator or a veteran aviator, you will benefit from this course. From inverted recovery to returning to normal flight after an unintentional spin to wake turbulence upset recovery, you will learn to make proper, automatic corrections under surprise circumstances in a controlled environment.

After completing our program, you will not only be a safer pilot, but you will fly with more confidence a confidence that puts you at ease behind the controls and makes all your flying more pleasurable.

Client Testimonials

Decathlon Pilots

Join the community of Decathlon pilots.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Unusual Attitude/Upset Recovery Course, and feel confident that I am a safer pilot because of it. The ancillary experience involved with getting in and out of a busy towered airport also made me feel more comfortable in that environment and more well rounded. It was well worth the time spent and I had fun doing it. The instruction was excellent…What I got out of the course was unusual attitude recovery and avoidance, a bit of aerobatic training, insight and training on towered field radio work, towered field pattern work and procedures, and general airmanship. – Dudley Darling (Private Pilot)

The Unusual Attitude/Upset Recovery Course was by far the most fun I’ve ever had. I took the course mainly because I wanted to increase my confidence as a pilot and know that I would be able to handle any aircraft in any situation. The training not only increased my skills, but made me more situationally aware and confident in my abilities. I felt I owed it to the people who fly with me to pursue the best training possible and be ready for any emergency that I might face. I would highly recommend the course to all pilots who want to increase their confidence and have a great time doing it! -Dan Alix, (Private Pilot)

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Basic Aerobatics Course

If you’re looking to expand your aviation horizons, it’s time to take your flying to the next level. Explore the third dimension of aircraft control.

Besides being incredibly invigorating, basic aerobatic training will make you a safer and more confident pilot by developing your personal awareness and instilling self discipline. An extension of our Unusual Attitude/Upset Recovery Course, our Basic Aerobatics Course is your first step toward flying more advanced maneuvers and participating in local competitions.

Course Details

  • Ten flights of dual instruction in the Super Decathlon
  • Five hours of ground instruction
  • Receive your tailwheel endorsement

Recommended study materials

  • Super Decathalon POH
  • “Basic Aerobatics” written by Michael Goulian

Upon successful completion of the aerobatics syllabus, you may also qualify for your tailwheel endorsement and an EFA sign-off to practice your new skills in the Super Decathlon solo.

Our instructors will tailor the syllabus to fit your ability and personal comfort level.

The Chief Aerobatic Instructor is former National Aerobatic Champion, Michael Goulian. Michael is a veteran member of the United States National Aerobatic Team and a world-renowned airshow pilot. Michael has used his competition and airshow experience to create a syllabus designed to increase the safety and ability of any pilot. He has trained all of the aerobatic instructors at EFA to uphold the highest standards and safety practices for aerobatic flight.

Sign up for the program today and take your first step to becoming a safer, more competent pilot.

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