Cessna Aircraft

The Standard

Cessna Aircraft: The Standard Training Aircraft Since 1946

More pilots have earned their wings in Cessna aircraft than any other type. Today, the Cessna 172 continues to be the most popular training aircraft in the world. With its docile handling characteristics, robust construction, and simplified operation, the Cessna 172 has become an icon in aviation.

Cessna 172S

The Cessna 172S combines the traditional quality of Cessna aircraft with modern technology in the form of the Garmin G1000 avionics suite. With increased situational awareness, a strong 180hp engine, and a fully integrated autopilot, the Cessna 172S is the ultimate evolution of one of the most famous aircraft ever built.


Cessna 172SP

Introduced in the late 1990’s, the Cessna 172SP heralded in a new era of increased performance for the Cessna 172. Now outfitted with a Lycoming IO-360 fuel injected engine capable of producing 180hp, the Cessna 172SP allows for increased carrying capacity and takeoff performance.


EFA Prepay Incentive

You can pay as you fly…or you can earn a bonus for block payments:

Pay $1000 or more, earn 5% bonus

Prepayment bonus is credited to your account and may be used for any EFA instruction, aircraft rental or pilot supply purchase. Not valid for 1 time rentals. Refer to payment and refund policies for complete information.

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