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Cirrus Aircraft: Where Technology Meets Luxury

Executive Flyers Aviation, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining its position at the forefront of training and technology. We partnered with Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, MN to bring the most advanced single engine piston aircraft available today to our students and customers. Our two Cirrus SR-20’s, available for both training and rental, offer the latest in safety, technology and luxury.

Cirrus Design


A Cirrus is more than just an airplane. It is a flying work of art. Its composite structure blends form and function into a graceful, powerful machine. The interior offers the finest in comfort and luxury with leather and carbon fiber.


Cirrus aircraft are the most technologically advanced single engine piston aircraft in production. Flying a Cirrus you are empowered with more computing power than was found on all the Apollo moon missions…combined.


Our Cirrus is the answer to your travel needs. With a cruising speed far above most other single engine piston aircraft, the Cirrus is the optimal aircraft to get you where you need to go for business, or pleasure.

Cirrus SR-20

  • Takeoff:                                   1,478 ft
  • Climb Rate:                            828 ft/min
  • Max Operating Altitude:      17,500 ft
  • Stall Speed S/O:                    56 KCAS
  • Max Cruising Speed:            155 kts
  • Landing Groundroll:            853 ft
  • Max Range:                            +600 nm
  • Engine:                                    Continental IO-360-ES
  • Horsepower:                          200

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