Total Immersion.

Full Motion Simulation

Redbird Flight Simulator adds flexibility to your training. No longer subject to environmental factors that can hinder a flight lesson, you are free to “fly” day or night, rain or shine, in warm or cold weather. The full motion of the simulator combined with its panoramic display screens is a total immersion experience. You will feel the acceleration of the takeoff, the bank of the turn; and the gentle rocking of light turbulence if you want to. Need a break from the lesson? Simply hit pause. Try doing that in an airplane.

EFA Prepay Incentive

You can pay as you fly…or you can earn a bonus for block payments:

Pay $1000 or more, earn 5% bonus

Prepayment bonus is credited to your account and may be used for any EFA instruction, aircraft rental or pilot supply purchase. Not valid for 1 time rentals. Refer to payment and refund policies for complete information.

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