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Specialty Aircraft

Complex, Multi, Aerobatic

Piper Arrow

Our Piper Arrow satisfies the requirements for a complex, high performance airplane. With its retractable landing gear, constant speed propeller, flaps, and 200hp engine, the Arrow offers a more active flying experience. The Arrow is the choice of aircraft for students pursuing their Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor certificates. Specific complex aircraft checkouts are also available.

Piper Seneca

Multi engine students will love our Piper Seneca. With its dual, turbocharged Continental IO-360 engines, the Seneca has immense carrying capacity and range. Modern avionics and a luxurious leather interior provide the pilot with a beautiful flying experience.

Super Decathlon

The American Champion Super Decathlon is the most popular basic aerobatic trainer in the world. Rated to +6, and -5g’s, the Decathlon opens the door to the world of aerobatics in a purpose built machine. Not interested in going upside down just yet? The Decathlon is also available for tailwheel instruction, where you will learn the true meaning of stick and rudder!

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