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Charlie Becomes A Private Pilot

Charlie Lindley

Charlie in his natural habitat!

We are very proud to announce that Charlie has accomplished his dream of becoming a Private Pilot!

Rarely have we known someone so devoted to learning and improving. He is an exceptional pilot and we couldn’t be prouder! Congratulations Charlie!


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“Fly the Ford” – EAA Tri-Motor Coming to KLWM

EAA Ford Tri-Motor Coming to KLWM!

Michael Earns His Private Pilot Certificate

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas flew with Designated Examiner Ray Collins to become a Private Pilot!

Michael is a genuine and kind friend of EFA. Most recently, he’s been flying with CFI Jim Sullivan in the Cessna 172SP.

All his work paid off on June 6th when he passed his checkride. He plans to enjoy his new certificate as a renter for a while before beginning his Instrument training.

We’re very proud of you, Michael. You accomplished something few people in the world have ever done and we are proud to call you a safe and passionate Private Pilot.


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SEAN BRODEUR GUEST POST: First Impression of the SR22

EFA CFI Sean Brodeur sitting in a Generation 5 Cirrus Design SR22T

This is my story of my first flight with Cliff Allen, Cirrus Aircraft’s New England sales representative in the SR22T, the turbocharged version of the SR22 that Executive Flyers will have on the line this summer.

Upon climbing into the pilot’s seat for the first time, I was greeted by the smell of new leather. It reminded me of sitting in a brand new sports car.

We settled in, I was immediately aware of how comfortable and roomy the aircraft is. I got the impression that the seats would still be comfortable during a long trip. Also, the side yokes give you an unimpeded view of the instrument panel and adjusting was second nature. Cliff gave me a quick rundown of the aircraft and its redundancies: dual Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), dual Air Data Computers (ADC), dual alternators, and dual batteries.

Cirrus SR22T Garmin Perspective PanelLakeside golf course aerial

The cockpit is designed for cross-country flying to destinations like this lakeside golf course.

After Cliff ran through the engine start checklist, I was impressed with the quality of sound insulation in the cockpit. With the engine at idle, even without wearing a headset, it was easy to hold a conversation with Cliff. The large windows give you plenty of visibility during ground operations. Taxiing is a different experience for people used to steerable nose gear. The nose gear on Cirrus aircraft is free castering, meaning you must use differential braking during taxi. Its maneuvering is incredible; you can spin right around in the aircraft’s footprint.

We made our way out to runway 29, completed the run-up and before takeoff checks. Soon, we were rolling down the runway. The aircraft accelerated quickly and we were climbing well in excess of 1500 feet per minute. Even with the occasional moderate turbulence, the SR22T seemed quite stable.

The aircraft is trim intensive. The controls have spring tension on them to help bring them back to neutral. If the aircraft is not trimmed properly, you can quickly get tired trying to maintain attitude. When it is trimmed, however, the SR22T can be flown quite easily hands off.

The controls are very responsive. For such a stable aircraft, the roll rate is impressive. There is also plenty of rudder authority. Cliff had me slow the aircraft to minimum controllable airspeed. There was plenty of control response all the way to the stall buffet. Stalls were benign, giving plenty of warning. Even when I held the aircraft in a stall, it was very easy to maintain wings level.

Another impressive feature of the SR22T, also found in the other Cirrus models with Perspective, (Cirrus Aircraft’s adaptation of the G1000 system) is envelope protection. Cliff had me roll into a 60 degree bank. As I rolled past 50 degrees, I could feel the aircraft applying persistent pressure toward wings level. Additionally, Cliff showed me that the plane would actually pitch down during an approach to stall with the autopilot engaged.

Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

“I am very impressed with the SR22T.”

Far too soon, we were heading back to Hanscom for some work in the traffic pattern. Because of the speed at which the aircraft travels, it is necessary to plan descents properly. It is important to allow enough time to get the aircraft down to traffic pattern altitude and slowed down. In the latest generation of SR22, the first notch of flaps (50%) is available below 150KIAS. This certainly helps to slow the aircraft down.

Normal approaches are done with full flaps (33.5 degrees) at 85KIAS. It is important to fly the proper speed on approach. If you come in too fast, the aircraft may float, using up too much runway. If you come in too slow, the aircraft may sink rapidly, resulting in a hard landing. The flare is relatively flat compared to a Cessna. If there is a bounce or balloon, the best course of action is a go-around. I enjoyed the challenge. There’s nothing like making that perfect landing.

Overall, I am very impressed with the SR22T. I look forward to introducing many of our clients to the capabilities of this exciting aircraft. Contact me to be among the first to try the Generation 5 Cirrus SR20 or SR22 for yourself!

Happy flying!

Sean Brodeur
Lead Instructor, Stratosphere
Executive Flyers Aviation

If you have a story to tell, let us know! We are eager to feature our friends’ experiences on our blog!

Three pilots achieve major milestones

Dan, Bob and Bill each achieved major milestones this week.

Dan Smith

Dan solos for the first time.

Dan is one of the most driven students we know. He’s only satisfied with “great” and that attitude is turning him into a fantastic pilot. He flew solo for the first time this week. Dan, we are so proud to congratulate you on the first of many unforgettable milestones.


Bob Cordner

Bob becomes a Private Pilot.

Bob is an active member of our flying community. He’s discovered pilot camaraderie and we enjoy talking with him between flights. He is now an official Private Pilot and we look forward to watching him take full advantage of his new privileges. Great work, Bob!


Bill Knight

Bill earns his Instrument Rating.

Bill has been flying with Sean for some time now. His enthusiasm and hard work have earned him an Instrument Rating, allowing him to fly even when most other pilots are grounded. Instrument is a fun challenge, and Bill, we’re proud of you.


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PHOTO ESSAY: “Inside Cirrus” Event Was Resounding Success

Our recent “Inside Cirrus” event celebrating EFA’s training partnership with Cirrus Design brought together dozens of passionate pilots. They learned about Stratosphere, EFA’s new, exclusive community of Cirrus owners, renters, students, and CFIs. Guests also got a close-up look at a pair of Generation 5 SR-series airplanes.

Incredible Interest

EFA CFI Chris Gantner captures a client's smile with his iPad MiniGuests discuss Cirrus capabilities with Cirrus Regional Sales Director Cliff Allen

Guests lit up when they sat at the controls for the first time.
Many have already decided to get a rental checkout.

Cirrus Executives Impress

Cirrus Design co-founder Dale KlapmeierSales & Marketing VP Todd Simmons

Cirrus Design co-founder Dale Klapmeier and Sales & Marketing VP Todd Simmons unveiled the Generation 5 SR-20, SR-22, and SR-22T.

Sean Brodeur

Sean Brodeur standing with a Cirrus SR-22TSean Brodeur sitting inside a Cirrus SR-22T

Sean Brodeur will oversee Stratosphere operations as Lead Flight Instructor.

Cirrus Technology

FIKI system - leading edgeCirrus panel

A close look at the leading edge shows Cirrus’ “flight into known icing” (FIKI) capability. The panel holds some of the most advanced avionics available today.

EFA Announces Even More Services

Cirrus SR-22TEFA Maintenance Director Matthew Goulian with Cirrus SR-22T

EFA now also offers Cirrus aircraft management services. Also, Matthew Goulian and our team of skilled maintenance technicians will operate a Cirrus Service Center at KLWM.

Call Dispatch at 781-274-7227 to schedule your first Cirrus experience.

Aspiring owners may contact our Cirrus Aircraft Regional Sales partner Cliff Allen.

If you have photos to share, we’d love to see them on our Facebook page!

Justin Misiaszek Earns His Instrument Rating

Justin Misiaszek

Justin Misiaszek earns his Instrument Rating!

Justin Misiaszek earned his Private Pilot certificate with us last year. Yesterday, he also earned his Instrument Rating!

We love watching students set goals and achieve their dreams. We have the most rewarding job in the aviation industry. We also have some of the most enthusiastic students.

Congratulations Justin! We know you’ll enjoy all the exciting new privileges that come with being an Instrument Pilot!


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Mike Zhang Becomes a Private Pilot

Mike Zhang

Congratulations Mike!
Being a Private Pilot is incredibly rewarding!

Mike flies all the time. His enthusiasm is infectious and we are so proud to announce that his dream of becoming a pilot was realized this afternoon at Hanscom Field!

Great job Mike!


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Nicolas solos

Nicolas Ehrminger

Great work Nicolas!
You always remember your first solo!

Nicolas is a young man who came to EFA from Switzerland to learn how to fly at the recommendation of his friend, an acquaintance of our own Michael Goulian.

He has been working very hard and flew his first solo yesterday at Hanscom Field in Bedford. It’s an important milestone, and Nicolas’ passionate persistence tells us that there will be many more.

Congratulations Nicolas!

Cessna 172 N4791G

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EFA CFI Chris Gantner Joins MEI Team

Chris Gantner Earns MEI

Chris Gantner is now fully qualified to flight instruct in our twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess!

Chris Gantner is a valuable member of our team. He works with clients from both our Bedford base and our Lawrence base. After a lot of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Chris is now a fully qualified flight instructor for multi-engine aircraft!

Congratulations Chris!

Beechcraft Duchess N6011Q

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