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The Best Feeling On Earth


It’s More than Just Loops

Aerobatic flying builds on your flying experience to bring you beyond the normal straight and level flying. We fly in a 3 dimensional world. It’s about time you explored it.

Whatever your motivation; whether it be increased skill; the challenge of a new type of flying; or simply to enjoy the bright blue sky, aerobatic training with EFA is the ultimate confidence builder, and the ultimate fun.

“I always wanted to try flying in different flight attitudes, but I never knew it would be this much fun! But besides being a total blast, this course has really honed my basic stick and rudder skills and given me a whole new confidence for my Instrument rating.”

Peter Ring

Private Pilot

You’ve learned how to control an airplane within the confines of its normal category performance envelope. You have performed steep turns to PTS standards and have even become proficient at basic nose-high, or nose-low unusual attitudes. Go further.


With our Unusual Attitude Recovery course we will move outside the boundary of normal category. The goal is not just to expose you to attitudes and bank angles in excess of those you have encountered in your training, but to make you skilled in recognizing those scenarios that may result in these flight conditions as well as proficient in operating an airplane safely in those situations.

Designed for both the hobbyist and professional pilot alike, the Upset Recovery Course will make you a safer, more skilled and confident aviator.


Course Details

  • Typically five hours of dual flight instruction
  • Three hours of ground instruction
  • Training can be completed in 2 -3 days

The ultimate fun.

Airplanes fly in a 3 dimensional environment and it is about time you explored it.

With our basic aerobatics course you will learn how to safely roll, loop and spin an airplane. Even more important than learning how to perform these maneuvers, we explore investigate the aerodynamic science behind aerobatic flight, making you a more proficient, knowledgeable, and skilled pilot. The skills gained in our basic aerobatic course will influence every aspect of your flight, from take off to touchdown.

Course Details

  • Typically¬†12 hours of dual flight instruction
  • 13¬†hours of ground instruction
  • Receive your tailwheel endorsement
  • Designed for Sportsman level competition

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