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The First Steps




Take an introductory flight lesson to see if flying is for you.

Your initial flight training will set the tone for the rest of your flying career; hobbyist or professional. Finding the right school that fits your needs, schedule and style of learning is vital. Executive Flyers Aviation Inc. (EFA) welcomes you to experience the difference of 50 years of flight training. We ensure that every flight lesson is meaningful, efficient and above all else, fun. Try us out with our Discovery Flight Package: a discounted, introductory flight lesson.

Discovery Flight

  • Your instructor explains the flight before takeoff
  • You fly a four-seater, Cessna 172SP
  • You get to control the aircraft throughout the flight
  • The flight lesson lasts an entire hour
  • We give you a realistic idea of what training is like
  • Post-flight debrief answers remaining questions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Getting Started:

  • No experience is necessary
  • Flights are available for US and Non-US citizens
  • Call us anytime to schedule your flight

Discovery Flights Starting As Low As $199



Enroll in the Executive Flyers Aviation, Inc. (EFA) Private Pilot Course.

You’ve decided to pursue your pilot certificate, called a Private Pilot Certificate. Now what? EFA will help you plan for success before you start your training.

  • Budget: EFA will review the costs associated with flight training in detail with you and put together a schedule that fits your budget and maximizes the efficiency of your training.
  • Schedule: EFA understands that you are busy, but we want you to succeed! Ideally, a flight student will be able to schedule at least 2 lessons per week. If your work, academic, or personal schedule won’t allow that to happen we can work with you to establish a training schedule that meets your needs.
  • Medical: Early in your training you will need to have an FAA Medical Certificate. This is a simple form that states you are medically qualified to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft. There are very few conditions that disqualify a person from holding a medical though there are some that may require additional documentation before being granted a medical. You should consult with EFA before visiting a doctor to obtain your medical.

That’s it! Time to get started!




You’ve done it. You’ve completed the training and are able to safely fly and navigate an airplane in the big blue sky. The only thing left to do is pass your FAA test, known as a checkride. There are three parts to the checkride: a written, verbal, and practical exam. The computer based written exam is done ahead of time and only after your flight instructor has signaled that you have completed the training necessary to pass the test. The verbal and practical test are done with an FAA Designated Examiner usually on the same day. The “DE” is normally a senior pilot in the community that has obtained authorization from the FAA to grant licenses. There won’t be any curveballs here. The DE will run you through all the maneuvers that you’ve honed to perfection with your flight instructor at EFA.

At the end of a successful checkride, the DE will utter those famous words that you’ve worked hard to hear; “Congratulations, you’re a pilot!”

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