Garmin G1000 Upgrade Course

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EFA’s G1000 upgrade course makes
transitioning to modern equipment
simple and affordable.

The Garmin 1000
Want to get checked out in a glass cockpit aircraft? Executive Flyers Aviation has Garmin G1000-equipped Cessna 172SP (NAV III) aircraft for rent.

The G1000 can bring your flying to a new level of safety and confidence. All you need to do is complete our G1000 checkout and you will be flying some of the most advanced avionics in the skies!

About the G1000

G1000 Panel

More information integrated seamlessly
into attractive displays to bolster
situational awareness. That’s the G1000.

The G1000 integrates all primary flight, engine and sensor data to provide intuitive, at-a-glance situational awareness. Real-time, flight-critical information is presented on two big, colorful 10.4-inch active-matrix LCD displays – bringing new levels of safety and confidence in your Skyhawk 172SP or Skylane 182S.

The G1000 creates the irresistible combination of the future of flight with the world’s most-embraced, most-flown aircraft ever. The databases in each aircraft are updated monthly to ensure up-to-date vital information.
How to Get Started
EFA has a dedicated G1000 simulator. This sim is available for dual ground training and for solo practice. Solo practice on the simulator is allowed once you have been approved by a CFI or during the checkout process. Solo sim time is free.

G1000 Checkout for VFR flying:

  • Understand the aircraft and avionics systems
  • Review the differences between G1000 aircraft and standard avionics aircraft

Ground training:

  • Elements of the G1000 system
  • PFD and MFD menus, functions and operations
  • Radios and audio panels
  • System failure proceedures and backups

Flight training:

  • One flight to perform maneuvers, G1000 operations and navigation
  • One flight to demonstrate understanding and use of G1000 functions with limited CFI intervention

G100 Checkout for IFR flying:
All of the VFR requirements above, plus:

Flight Training:

  • One flight to perform basic instrument rating maneuvers (stalls, steep turns, unusual attitude recoveries), approaches, holding and reversionary and failure modes
  • One flight to demonstrate IFR operations and approaches

If you are interested in getting started in the glass cockpit, please call 781-274-7227 to schedule a complete G1000 checkout.