ASA HS-1A Headset Review

The ASA HS-1A is a great starter aviation headset that has some real good thing goings for it, making it punch above its weight. Student pilots in particular will find a lot to love, as will any pilot looking for a backup pair. In our guide to the top aviation headsets we considered to be the best option under $200.

Build Quality

The construction quality is impressive for such an inexpensive headset, which explains how ASA are confident in offering such a generous warranty. While there are quite a few plastic parts, you can still be assured that the HS-1A can take a lot of use. This headset is found in a lot of flight schools worldwide, after all.


The ASA HS-1A has an NRR of 23 dB. As long as you get a good seal the noise reduction is fine and will adequately protect your hearing while allowing you to hear what you need to hear.

It’s worth noting, though, that considering PNR headsets are all about the seal you get, you may have a bit of an issue when wearing glasses with thick arms. If your glasses have thin arms there shouldn’t be an issue.


Comfort is pretty good. One good thing the HS-1A has going for it is just light it is, weighing 12 ounces. You will not find a PNR headset at any price point that is as light.

It is only after a couple of hours that the clamping pressure and tightness become too much and they start to become uncomfortable. At least the headset is relatively easy to adjust, though, which should help when discomfort starts to set in.

The headset is relatively easy to adjust, and the foam ear seals, while not being as comfortable or as resistant to sweat as gel ones still provide a decent level of comfort.


Older PNR headsets like the David Clark H10-30 don’t come with an audio input, while many modern ones typically do. However, in this case, if you’re looking for a headset with an audio input so you can listen to music, you need to look elsewhere. The HS-1A does feature dual volume controls, though.

The audio quality will probably surprise you, even if you’ve tried higher end headsets. Everything comes through nice and clear. There are no complaints to be had here.


It is hugely surprising just how good the ASA HS-1A warranty is. It I was to ask you which headset is backed by the best warranty, virtually no one would mention the HS-1A. And why would they? It is very inexpensive. However, the HS-1A is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The ASA HS-1A is great first headset for student pilots. There is no audio input, which may put some off, but if you can manage without, you’re getting a solid headset that does all you need while learning to fly. The lifetime warranty is a huge plus, and you can’t ask for much more when it comes to comfort at this price point.

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