While most people can get away with not giving it much thought and buying any water bottle they first see, pilots don’t have such a luxury. Buying the right water bottle as a pilot is a lot more challenging and trickier than it first seems.

Not only do you need a water bottle that can deal with pressurization at cruising altitudes, but also one that you don’t have to worry about any leakage. Other things like one-handed use, long-lasting insulation, and being easy to clean are also important.

If you’re only willing to settle for the best, we have found that the Camelbak Forge is the best water bottle for pilots.

This is due to several reasons:

  • Turn the water bottle completely upside down, or throw it around and absolutely nothing will come out thanks to its leak-proof closure that can be relied on 100% percent of the time
  • Just a slight squeeze of the trigger will equalize the pressure and ensure that you can safely drink without liquid being sprayed all over you and inside the cockpit
  • The bottle can be used one-handed thanks to its self-sealing lever
  • Frequent sipping is no issue. Just press the top button to lock the cap open. That’s it.
  • Superior vacuum insulation means that drinks stay hot for 6 hours
  • The loop on the cap means that you can clip the bottle onto a carabiner
  • It is quick and easy to clean thanks to arms that handily flip up. No dissembling five parts is required here
  • The cap won’t collect grime, which is all too common with other water bottles
  • The bottle’s impact cap prevents dents or cracks
  • The Camelbak Forge is backed by a lifetime warranty

There’s no doubt that the Camelbak Forge is one of the most expensive water bottles available. But for pilots who have previously been frustrated at the deceptively challenging task of enjoying a hot or cold drink while flying, it can’t be beaten and can be relied upon for years to come.

Benjamin Ingram - Licensed Pilot

Benjamin, on his journey to becoming a licensed pilot, tested a vast number of pilot supplies and equipment that every pilot needs in the cockpit.