Bose ProFlight Review

Pilots looking for the qualities of an over-ear aviation headset in a lightweight, more comfortable design haven’t had anywhere to turn to. The in-ear, Bose ProFlight might change all that, managing to match many of the great things pilots have come to love from over-ear headsets without too much compromise.

Battery Life

The ProFlight has a very impressive battery life of 45 hours. Another in-ear headset, the UFQ L-2, claims to last for 48 hours, but we’re a bit skeptical given its significantly lower price point and not having as good of a reputation as Bose. The ProFlight therefore likely gets the award for having the best battery life from any in-ear headset.

Build Quality

Despite being lightweight the ProFlight is well-constructed, and has the same build quality Bose have become known for over the years – i.e. the headset is built to last.

One thing to note is that the cord is a bit on the thick and heavy side. This can have the unintended consequence of moving the headset’s position on your head. Thankfully, this doesn’t become an issue if you attach the clip to your epaulette or shirt.

A carrying case is also included.


One of the main reasons why some pilots prefer in-ear headsets is their comfort factor. At 4.9 ounces the ProFlight is anywhere between 2.5-4x lighter than over-ear models. This can make a big difference in comfort, especially when worn for long flights. The nature of the ProFlight’s design means that clamping force is virtually non-existent.

It is also much better suited for those of you who wear glasses, even sunglasses with thick arms. Being able to wear sunglasses without any discomfort or loss in ANR ability is a big plus for many pilots.

Three different sizes of ear buds are included to accommodate different ear shapes and to ensure the best fit can be obtained.


The Bose A20 has the best in-class active noise reduction for over-ear headsets, and Bose also take this award for in-ear headsets with the ProFlight. Whether it’s earphones, headphones or aviation headsets Bose really can’t be beat in the noise-cancelling department.

As you might expect, the passive noise reduction isn’t great, but some level of noise protection is still provided.

A great feature of the ProFlight is how you can just double tap either ear price to change the ANR setting. For example, if you need to hear a sound more easily such as a passenger talking, double tapping lowers the ANR setting so you can hear without having to take the headset off or fiddle with the settings.


If you compare the ProFlight to the Bose A20 you may be a bit disappointed with its sound quality – at least when listening to music. The A20 is easily the best headset for listening to music, and it’s not particularly close either.

Considering how popular Bose products are in the personal audio market you might expect the same sound quality from the ProFlight too. While it is by no means bad and in fact beats all other in-ear headsets, it can’t compare to the A20. The audio quality when communicating, though, is excellent and can’t be beat. Audio comes through very, very clearly.

There is a distinct lack of options for Bluetooth enabled in-ear headsets, but the ProFlight has you covered. There is also an audio input so you can connect to your phone or any external music player.


TSO approved in-ear headsets are few and far between, but the ProFLight has fulfilled all the criteria to make it TSO approved.


The ProFlight is backed by a 3-year warranty, matching other in-ear headsets. Given its high price a longer warranty would’ve been welcome, but at least Bose are known for their excellent customer support and quality control.

If you’re looking for the best in-ear headset the Bose ProFlight is it. It has the best in-class ANR and sound quality, excellent battery life, and a high level of comfort. Just know that the A20 is the better choice for louder environments and sound quality due to the nature of its design.

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