David Clark ONE-X Headset Review

David Clark are best known for their superb PNR headsets, but the ONE-X and PRO-X2 are two ANR headsets that compete very well with the more expensive Bose A20 and similarly priced Zulu 3. It manages to do more or less everything right in all departments.

Battery Life

Like the PRO-X2, the ONE-X has the best battery life from any best rated aviation headset at 50 hours before needing replacement. This includes the Bose A20 that has a battery life of 45 hours. Ultimately, that doesn’t change things too much in the grand scheme, but it’s still nice to see – particularly from a company that is known for its PNR headsets.

Build Quality

David Clark headsets are said to last a lifetime. We probably all know a pilot who has had their pair for 20 years. While the ONE-X is an ANR headset and therefore has more chance of things going wrong, the build quality and feel is still excellent and up to the company’s standards.


The comfort factor of the ONE-X is great with many pilots actually preferring it to the A20. Some pilots also feel it does a better job at dissipating heat so your ears don’t get as sweaty and it takes longer for them to do so in the first place. Just as importantly, comfort over long flights can’t be faulted.


The ANR of the ONE-X is excellent. It comfortably reduces noise in the cockpit to a much more manageable level while still allowing you to hear everything you want, or should I say need, to hear.

The ONE-X also has the benefit of delivering the best passive noise reduction from any ANR headset. This doesn’t come as too much as a surprise. Ask any experienced pilot who makes the best PNR headsets and David Clark will almost always top the list. Pilots have reported that they forgot to switch the ANR function on and didn’t notice until mid-flight – that is how good it is.

It’s rare to see manufacturers of ANR headsets give an NRR, but David Clark do. The ONE-X has an NRR of 30 dB.


The only thing that lets the ONE-X is that there is no audio input. No audio input in this day and age, I hear you cry. I’m with you, it is a bit frustrating, especially when budget headsets manage to include one. However, there is Bluetooth and all of the benefits that provides, including being able to listen to music in that way.

No complaints when it comes to the clarity of audio, though. Everything comes through as clear as day.


Like all David Clark headsets, the ONE-X is backed by a 5-year warranty. David Clark have an excellent reputation when it comes to customer support, so any issues with your headset and they will repair it with no qualms.

The ONE-X is a superb ANR headset with the David Clark name behind it. If you’re looking for the best PNR performance from an ANR headset there is no better than the ONE-X. Yet this isn’t the only thing it has going for it, as it can compete in all other aspects to what is widely considered the best of the best Bose A20.

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