David Clark PRO-X2 Review

If you’ve had enough of the way most aviation headsets sit over and engulf your ears, and can’t get along with in-ear models, the David Clark PRO-X2 is just the ticket.

It is an on-ear ANR headset that provides the benefit of a more lightweight, comfortable design with very little compromise.

Battery Life

Like the ONE-X, the PRO-X2 has best in-class battery life at 50 hours, even beating out the more expensive Bose A20 that has a lifespan of 45 hours. It also provides 10 more hours of use than the similarly priced Zulu 3.

Build Quality

David Clark have been designing aviation headsets for years, so it’s no surprise that they have managed to get build quality right. It’s common to meet pilots that have used the company’s headsets for 20-30 years. While this applies to David Clark’s PNR headsets there is nothing to suggest that the build quality of the PRO-X2 isn’t up to the same high standard.


The PRO-X2 is one light headset, weighing just 7.5 oz. This is the benefit in designing an on-ear instead of over-ear headset. Some pilots like the noise reduction that over-ear models offer but don’t like how the ear pads can engulf the ear, especially in hot conditions where their ears can get sweaty. Others can’t at all get along with in-ear models.

Enter the on-ear PRO-X2 that manages to be very lightweight while still providing excellent protection. Having said that, some pilots will still prefer over-ear models due to that is all they have known since they first took up flying and don’t want to adjust.


As you would expect from an on-ear headset the PNR suffers. Due to the way in which the ear pads sit on the ear instead of engulfing them, the passive noise reduction inevitably isn’t as good as many other ANR headsets.

It is therefore a good thing that the ANR makes up for this – the PRO-X2 is first and foremost an ANR headset after all. While it’s not as good as the ONE-X, it is still very good and no complaints can be made. The Automatic Gain Control that allows you to adjust the ANR in high-noise conditions is a very nice touch too.

David Clark is one of the very few manufacturers that give an NRR for their ANR headsets – 30 dB for the PRO-X2.


Bluetooth and an audio input are both included. Audio quality is generally very good with everything functioning as it should, and sound coming through crisp and clear. It is comparable to the Bose A20 in some aspects but not quite sound quality when listening to music, which is to be expected.


The PRO-X2 is backed by David Clark’s standard 5-year warranty. David Clark have built up a reputation over the years for headsets that will stand the test of time, even with daily use. However, if there is an issue you can be safe in the knowledge that customer support is excellent.

Just like how pilots are limited if looking for a wireless aviation headset with the Tango Wireless being the only option, pilots are also limited if looking for an on-ear model. While the Tango Wireless suffers from some teething options and compromises, there are none to be made here.

The PRO-X2 has best in-class battery life, is well-constructed, lightweight, comfortable, TSO approved, and delivers great audio quality.

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