The Garmin D2 Delta PX isn’t the first aviation watch that Garmin has released, but it’s arguably the company’s best. Not only is the D2 Delta PX by far the most aviation feature-packed pilot watch on the market, but it also comes with many useful features that are useful outside the cockpit.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.

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The D2 Delta PX is Garmin’s largest and heaviest Delta watch, weighing 87g and with a 51mm case.

With its domed sapphire crystal lens, and made from titanium that is DLC (Diamond-like-Carbon) coated to ensure excellent scratch resistance, the D2 Delta PX is Garmin’s best-looking watch yet.

The watch’s high-resolution color display with an LED backlight ensures that you can easily view data at just a glance in all lighting conditions in the cockpit.

Battery Performance

You can expect the D2 Delta PX battery to last anyway from 13 hours up to 20 days. This depends on the feature that is in operation, as well as how often it is used. Generally, though, as long as you aren’t constantly using the GPS, you can expect the watch to last over a week before a recharge is required.

As a general rule, you can expect the following battery performance:

  • Smartwatch mode: Up to 20 days
  • GPS mode: Up to 32 hours
  • GPS + Pulse Ox mode: Up to 18 hours
  • GPS + Music: Up to 13 hours

Aviation Features

Aviation Database

The D2 Delta PX comes preloaded with a worldwide aviation database, so you can access Garmin’s signature Direct-to and Nearest routing functions by simply pressing either of 2 dedicated buttons. This allows you to fly straight to the location or waypoint of your choice – or find the nearest airport if you need to land quickly. You are also able to save your own waypoints to easily reference – and return to – locations over which you’ve flown

Additionally, you can view your flight path in relation to nearby navaids, airports, intersections, and other surface features on the watch’s full-color moving map – or follow the instrument-like HSI course needle to your destination.

Thankfully, panning and zooming is a breeze so you can quickly and easily expand your view of airports, waypoints, weather activity, and VFR reference features.

Pulse Oximeter

It’s good to see that the built-in pulse oximeter isn’t just something that was tacked on as an afterthought. It monitors oxygen saturation levels just as accurately as standalone devices.

Weather Activity

As you might expect, you can access METARs and TAF information – including winds, visibility, precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, and more, as well as view high-resolution radar graphics (NEXRAD), overlaid on the moving map.

Automatic Flight Logging

The way in which you can make quick work of flight logging and other tedious, record-keeping tasks is another very welcome feature. This is because, during takeoff, the watch records the date, duration, total flight time, and route by automatically detecting your aircraft’s change in altitude.

Customizable Alerts

The D2 Delta PX customizable features are another very addition. The watch vibrates when arriving at a selected altitude, vibrates to remind you to switch fuel tanks while in-flight, and vibrates when you deviate from your active flight plan.

Garmin Connectivity

We also love how you are able to stream information such as altitude, airspeed, outside air temperature, and more between compatible Garmin GPS devices and the D2 Delta PX, which allows for even more precise mapping detail.

With all of these features, it’s no surprise that the D2 Delta PX is the most advanced aviation watch available.

Outside the Cockpit

The D2 Delta PX is a rarity in that it one of the very few watches that is just as useful outside the cockpit as it is inside it.

Activity Training & Tracking

What really sets the D2 Delta PX from other watches is its activity training functions that put even standalone activity training smartwatches to shame.

Besides the usual step counter, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. you also get a complete feature set of sports/training, fitness, and outdoor navigation tools that provide various physiological metrics, running dynamics, fitness tracking features, and more. Furthermore, special preloaded activity profiles are provided for golfing, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, and other activities.


Whether you’re on land or in the air, you can store up to 500 songs and listen through a Bluetooth technology-enabled audio panel, headphones, or aviation headset.

Garmin Pay

You can also take advantage of Garmin Pay to contactlessly pay anywhere where there’s a scanner for contactless payments.

Garmin D2 Delta PX vs. Garmin D2 Air

The D2 Delta PX has touchscreen functionality; is almost twice as heavy as the Garmin D2 Air (46.3g vs. 87g); has a better battery life (up to 32 hours in GPS mode vs. up to 20 hours / up to 20 days in smartwatch mode vs. up to 5 days); and is made of titanium.

When it comes to aviation features, the Delta PX supports dynamic color mapping, a moving map that also features NEXRAD weather, and Garmin Connext support for enhanced cockpit connectivity – all of which the D2 Air lack.

The Delta PX also has much more advanced activity training functions, including additional training, planning, and analysis features for the gym, running, cycling, swimming, and outdoor recreation, along with extra heart rate features.

While we would say that the additional features for inside the cockpit are certainly useful and a good reason to choose the D2 Delta PX over the D2 Air, we would also recommend the Delta PX if you want a watch that is suitable for more than just aviation purposes.

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