The Icom IC-A25C can be considered to be the COM-only version of the Icom IC-A25N. It shares many of the same features and functionalities, but of course without any NAV capability.

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Battery Life

With its 2350 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, the IC-A25C provides 10.5 hours of operation. This is fairly average for handheld aviation transceivers, but the Intelligent Battery System is not and is unique to Icom models.

The Intelligent Battery System monitors the health and status of the battery, providing invaluable information such as the rate of degradation of the battery so you know when to replace it, and how many hours you can expect to receive per charge. As Lithium-Ion batteries degrade over time, this is very useful to have so you can better plan your flights.

Perhaps best of all, however, is that charging time with the included rapid charger takes just 3 hours for a full charge, which is better than what any Yaesu model is able to deliver.

Build Quality

An IP57 waterproof rating and meeting MIL-STD 810 standards mean that the Icom IC-A25C can be depended on for the long-haul. It is dust, rain, shock, and vibration proof, and can also handle extreme temperatures. If the IC-A25C can meet military standards, it can probably hold up to everything you are able to put it through.

The IC-A25C is backed by Icom’s standard 3-year warranty.

Channels & Ease of Use

Along with the IC-A25N, the IC-A25C has more channels than any other aviation radio at 300. Channels can also be given 12 character names and stored in 15 memory groups.

A very useful feature is how the last 10 channels you used can be stored, so you can switch between them quickly and easily either via the keypad or channel adjustment knob.

Our favorite feature, though, and one that you will certainly appreciate if you’ve used a handheld transceiver before, is being able to assign a specific function to the keypad. We all know just how frustrating it can be to use the keypad to cycle through all the options until finally reaching the one you want. No longer do you have to suffer through this.

LCD Display

The IC-A25C uses a generously sized 2.3″ LCD display to ensure that everything is clearly displayed and easy to read. This is regardless of lighting conditions thanks to the model’s night mode operation. The larger than normal operating frequency characters, which makes them easy to read at just a glance, is another nice touch.


The IC-A25C comes with a decent number of accessories included in the box, such as a headset adapter, belt clip, hand strap, and the ever-useful rapid charger. While there is no cigarette lighter adapter (though you can purchase one separately), the IC-A25C can run off six AA batteries if you ever run out of charge.

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