The Yaesu FTA-250L is arguably the best value handheld aviation transceiver on the market. If you’re looking for a COMM-only model, it does almost everything right and very little wrong.

Our only real complaint is that the squelch adjustment can be a bit tricky. Instead of relying on an adjustment knob, adjustment is done by navigating through a few options on the keypad.

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Battery Life

With its 1800 mAH Lithium-Ion battery, the FTA-250L has a whopping 16-hour battery life. This is 5.5 hours greater than the more expensive COMM-only Icom IC-A25C and is definitely one of the main reasons to choose the FTA-250L over others.

Channels & Ease of Use

You are able to program up to 250 channels, which is likely more than you will ever need, though it’s good to know you have the option to.

Yaesu radios tend to be easy to operate – and the FTA-250L is no exception. The radio’s programming software, intuitive design, along with its high-resolution Dot Matrix display, and fully lit backlight, ensures that setup, and navigating through all the channels and various features in all light conditions is never a problem.

Build Quality

With its IPX5 Waterproof rating and rugged Polycarbonate housing, the FTA-250L is certainly built to last and can take plenty of abuse both inside and outside the cockpit. After all, it does meet Military MIL-STD-810F standards, so can withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and dust and rain.

Despite this, the radio is still backed by a generous 3-year warranty in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

The FTA-250L also manages to be one of the lightest and most compact transceivers on the market, weighing just 10.6 oz, and measuring 2.1” x 4.1” x 1.2”


You usually don’t get too many included accessories at this price-point, especially when it comes to COM-only transceivers.

But the FTA-250L includes a cigarette lighter adapter, headset adapter, and belt clip, which is more generous than you can usually expect, and is line with the companies more expensive models, such as the Yaesu FTA-550L

Icom models, for example, require you to buy a cigarette lighter adapter separately.


Nothing can kill the use of a handheld transceiver faster than its audio, even if everything else is done right. Thankfully, with its 700 mW audio amplifier, this isn’t an issue with the FTA-250L, so you won’t miss anything even in the noisiest of environments.

Not every pilot wants or needs an aviation radio with navigation capabilities. If this sounds like you and you’re looking for the best value transceiver on the market, look no further than the Yaesu FTA 250L.

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