About Executive Flyers

Executive Flyers is a free resource for pilots offering advice on a range of topics, including aviation headsets, avionics equipment, and flight training. You can expect to find buyer guides, reviews, and useful articles about the world of aviation.

Buying Guides

Whether it is an aviation headset, aviation handheld radio, pilot logbook, kneeboard or one of the many other pieces of equipment that pilots use and depend on it can be hard to make the right choice when there are so many options out there. This is why we have done the hard work for you, relying on extensive research and experience to ensure that only the best products are recommended.

Our buying guides also include comparison tables so you can compare all the important specs and features of a product without having to spend time researching this information yourself.

How Products are Rated

Many pilots have different requirements. This is why we recommend products that fulfill different criteria and purposes. For an aviation headset, a student pilot will have different requirements (and certainly budget constraints!) to a commercial pilot. Aviation radios come with navigation and just comm options with pilots often having a preference for the former or latter. Even when it comes to something as simple as a logbook, some pilots will prefer one with hundreds of pages while others just want something with 50 pages. This is all taken into account when recommending products.


Some products require a lot more analysis than others. An aviation headset, for example, requires more in-depth research than a logbook. This is why you will find individual reviews of several of the products we recommend where we go into more detail. We look more closely at the features and specifications of a product.

Flight Training Articles

We don’t just recommend aviation equipment. We also cover various topics and frequently asked questions pilots might have. Student pilots in particular will find articles that recommend the best way to talk on an aviation radio, and important information to know when learning to fly useful.