Whether you’re a student or seasoned pilot, you soon learned that flying requires a variety of pilot supplies. Here you will find the best flight bags, kneeboards, sunglasses, logbooks, fuel strainers, batteries, checklists, navigation logs, flashlights, timers, mounts and anything else a pilot needs to make their time in and out of the cockpit as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.

Before a pilot goes out and buys the first accessory they like the look of, there are several things to consider. Flight bags come in a range of options and materials, for example. Some come with wheels, as backpacks, totes, with lots of few compartments, are made out of leather, ballistic nylon or a less durable material like polyester. Everything need to be considered so you can make the right choice.

Are you a paper first or iPad pilot? If the latter, a standard kneeboard won’t do – you’ll have to buy one that is designed for your tablet in mind, including the correct size to accommodate your tablet.

Buying the wrong pair of sunglasses can be dangerous. Pilots should always buy non-polarized sunglasses, and there are a few other factors to consider such as lens material, and tint color. 

More pilot are turning to electronic logbooks, but nothing can beat a good old fashioned paper logbook for many. We’ve recommended some of the best, taking into account the level of the pilot, international travel, and the number of pages.