There comes a time in every Flight Simulator enthusiast’s life where using a joystick, or keyboard and mouse will no longer cut it. It’s time to upgrade and enjoy a far more realistic flight experience – the type of experience that only a flight simulator yoke can offer.

Most people shopping for a yoke either want the most realism, a balance between realism and price, or a good budget pick to see what all the fuss of using a yoke is about.

I found the following to be the best options:

  • Most Realistic: Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel
  • Best Value: Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System
  • Also Great: CH Products Eclipse Yoke

3 of the Best Flight Simulator Yokes

Most Realistic: Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel

Most Realistic The Honeycomb Alpha is unmatched in every aspect with the realism it provides.

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The Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel is comfortably the most realistic flight simulator yoke available.

While much of this realism was down to the Honeycomb Alpha’s design thanks to its solid metal yoke shaft and full 180 degrees of rotation, the elimination of any deadzone or misleading spring pressure – both of which are problems far too many yokes suffer from – is unmatched.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering aerospace-grade internal components are used by Honeycomb to match the realistic ergonomics found in actual planes. Movement remained consistently smooth throughout the yoke’s full range of motion.

It’s for good reason that pilot license holders and pilots who have had extensive experience in FAA-approved Aviation Training Devices (ATD) like a Redbird Simulator recommend the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel.

Best Value: Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System

Best Value The Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight strikes an excellent balance between realism and price.

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The Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System is a good alternative to the Honeycomb if you don’t want to spend as much, especially as it also comes with a throttle quadrant. It managed to strike just the right balance between realism and price, which has made it one of the most popular options on the market.

Featuring a stainless steel yoke shaft, the yoke system allowed for over two dozen assignable buttons and switches for the ultimate customization. While the level of control throughout the yoke’s full range of motion wasn’t as fine as the Honeycomb, it’s hard to fault and betters virtually all other options.

The Logitech G Saitek PRO is also a great option if you see yourself buying add-on panels for switches/gear, avionics, autopilot, and additional throttle quadrants down the line.

Also Great: CH Products Eclipse Yoke

Also Great The CH Products Eclipse Yoke is an excellent all-in-one starter option.

New: $210.93
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The CH Products Eclipse Yoke combines elevator and aileron inputs with throttle, mixture, and propeller levers, which makes it a great all-in-one starter option if you want a step-up from the unrealistic joystick or keyboard and mouse flight experience.

While not as rugged as the Honeycomb and Logitech due to its lightweight plastic construction, the Eclipse Yoke still manages to be comparable to the Logitech in its level of control. It is also highly customizable, allowing for 144 programmable functions.

How I Picked the Best Flight Simulator Yokes

  • Realism

The most realistic and best flight simulator yokes offer a degree of realism that really makes it feel like you’re in the cockpit of a real plane.

A yoke like the Honeycomb Alpha manages to deliver this in spades due to everything from its construction quality and ergonomic design to fine control. Other yokes might not offer the full package and only get the ergonomic design or level of control right.

So consider just how closely you want to match the experience of using a yoke inside a real plane to be.

  • Ability to Expand

Some flight simulator fans are happy to gradually build their setup component by component, whereas others want the full experience and all the add-ons right away.

In either case, it can be nice to have the option of expanding to switches/gear, avionics, autopilot, additional throttle quadrants, and other components later on.

Additionally, our aim is to be as transparent as possible, so you should know that I have made my recommendations based on thousands of owner reviews, and a combination of testing and firsthand experience.


Helen Krasner holds a PPL(A), with 15 years experience flying fixed-wing aircraft; a PPL(H), with 13 years experience flying helicopters; and a CPL(H), Helicopter Instructor Rating, with 12 years working as a helicopter instructor.

Helen is an accomplished aviation writer with 12 years of experience, having authored several books and published numerous articles while also serving as the Editor of the BWPA (British Women Pilots Association) newsletter, with her excellent work having been recognized with her nomination of the “Aviation Journalist of the Year” award.

Helen has won the “Dawn to Dusk” International Flying Competition, along with the best all-female competitors, three times with her copilot.