An aviation headset is one of the most important accessories that you use in a cockpit. So making sure that the headset is functioning correctly is paramount.

You can either test an aviation headset, whether it be one of the most expensive, best aviation headsets or a budget model, by using an aviation intercom or in the comfort of your own home.

How to Test An Aviation Headset (By Using an Aircraft Intercom)

You can easily test an aviation headset in just a few steps if you have access to an aviation intercom.

  • Insert the headset’s plug into the intercom jack
  • Put on the headset and speak into the microphone to make sure that you can hear yourself in both ears
  • Continue to speak while cycling through the full range of volume controls to make sure the volume controls work correctly
  • If no audio is heard, you can check if the problem is with the microphone or earphone side
    of the headset by a plugging a second known-working headset into the test intercom

How to Test an Aviation Headset at Home (Easiest Method)

The easiest way of testing an aviation headset at home is to purchase the Sigtronics Headset Tester.

It features a built-in Push-To-Test switch and is able to accommodate two headsets.

Simply plug a headset into the tester, place the headset on your head, and then press the Push-To-Test switch.

If the headset works correctly, you will notice that when you speak into the microphone, you can hear your voice while wearing the headset.

If you want to test two headsets at a time, have another person wear the second headset.

If they both work correctly, you will be able to hear each other as you speak into the microphone.

It is also possible to test the headsets for use in a helicopter by buying an adapter cable that will allow you to convert the U-174/U or U-93A/U plug to general aviation headphone and microphone plugs.

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