The thunderous sound a helicopter makes as it flies over your house is hard not to notice. But why would a helicopter be flying over your house anyway?

Well, the most common reason why helicopters might be flying over your house is either because your residential property is over a military flight path, or law enforcement has a good reason to do so. However, as there are many types of helicopters, this means that they are used in all sorts of capacities besides military and law enforcement, so a helicopter may be flying over your house for another reason.


From the U.S. Air Force and Army to the National Guard and Navy, helicopters have an important role to play in all major military branches.

Some of these military branches may have bases that are located in an area that is near your house. Helicopters might therefore need to fly over your house during training operations and to get back to base.


There are several reasons why you might notice a police helicopter flying over your house.

Police helicopters play a very important role in law enforcement and have the unique advantage of being able to track the movement of suspects thanks to being equipped with thermal imaging equipment and spotlights, as well as being able to survey a large area. Violent crimes in progress, pursuits, property crimes, traffic stops, and perimeters are the most common reasons why you might hear a helicopter flying overhead.

Police helicopters also come in handy when there is a large public gathering taking place and the department wants to be able to better monitor everything that is going on. Search and rescue operations are another common reason why you might see and hear a helicopter flying over residential areas.


It’s also possible that a civilian helicopter is flying over your house. This could be for several reasons, as helicopters are used in dozens of industries.

This might include the media, healthcare, agriculture, as a personal pilot for executives or celebrities, flight instruction, and more.

How to Find Out Why a Helicopter Is Flying Over Your House

There is a very useful app called Citizen that tells you why a helicopter might be flying over your house.

The company monitors data from 911 calls 24/7 and will provide details about whatever the helicopter happens to be investigating in your area.

So while you might not be able to do much about the noise, at least you can find out why a helicopter is annoyingly flying overhead.