There are several instrument rating courses that promise to help you get your instrument rating. Some help more than others, but in our experience, the course that helps the most and is widely considered to be the best instrument rating course is the Ultimate Digital IFR Collection By Rod Machado.

There are several reasons why we recommend and think more highly of this course than others.

But, in short, while obtaining the necessary knowledge for exam prep is of course important and is likely your immediate goal, gaining the practical knowledge you’ll need to handle the challenges of instrument flight safely is arguably much more so. Rod’s material does this better than anyone else.

Different Learning Styles

Some people learn best by watching videos, some by listening, and others by reading. Usually, though, it’s the combination of all three that make for the best learning experience where the material actually sticks.

With the Ultimate Digital IFR Collection, you get the following study materials:

Note that you can also buy these study materials separately.

Engaging Presentation of Content

It’s one thing to lay out all the subject matter you need to know, but it’s a very different thing to lay out this content in a way that doesn’t come across as dry or boring.

We all know that the hours spent outside the cockpit studying in no way compare to the joy spent inside the cockpit flying. Studying is hardly the most exciting part of being a pilot.

Fortunately, the way in which Rod is able to simplify difficult concepts in an engaging manner, with images and diagrams found on almost every page in the eBooks, and animation widely used in the videos, makes the material much more engaging and easier to understand.

Recommended by Certified Flight Instructors

Whether it’s to pass your instrument rating, to get your private pilot license, or you just need a refresher, many Certified Flight Instructors recommend Rod’s study materials as the main and only source of learning.

Preview the Course

If you’re still undecided, take a look at the following previews to see if how the material is presented resonates with you.

Sample of the Instrument Pilot’s Handbook

Sample of the IFR Survival Manual

Sample of the Secrets of Instrument Approaches and Departures: