Not every flight for business or pleasure will have you landing down in clear, blue skies where it never rains.

So, you might be wondering if you can bring an umbrella on a plane.

According to the TSA, umbrellas are allowed in both your checked bags and carry on bags. However, airlines might have their own size or weight restrictions.

Therefore, before you plan to bring your umbrella on your next flight and risk it being confiscated at the airport, it’s a good idea if we take a look at how the size restrictions vary by airline.

Airline Regulations

Generally, if your umbrella does not exceed 22 inches, fits in the overhead bin or under the front seat, then you will have no problem bringing it on a plane.

  • American Airlines

American Airlines state that any umbrella in your carry on should not exceed 22 inches in length.

  • Delta

When flying with Delta, any umbrella you plan to bring with you in your carry on should not exceed 22 inches in length.

  • Frontier

Frontier Airlines state that an umbrella should not exceed 24 inches.

  • JetBlue

According to JetBlue, your umbrella should not exceed 22 inches in length, which is the standard carry-on limit.

  • Southwest

Southwest carry-on bags are limited to 24 inches in length, which means that any umbrella you want to take on the plane should not exceed 24 inches.

  • Spirit

Spirit Airlines state that an umbrella should not exceed 22 inches in length.

  • United

United Airlines also state that an umbrella should not exceed 22 inches in length.

Domestic vs. International Flights

Whether you’re flying domestically within the USA or internationally makes no difference.

As long as the length of the umbrella does not exceed the restrictions stated by the airline, you can bring an umbrella on a plane when flying both domestically and internationally.

You Can’t Bring Some Types of Umbrellas on a Plane

According to the TSA, when it comes to bringing any item through airport security, “the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”

This includes umbrellas.

So if your umbrella has a very sharp, pointed end, for example, it may be confiscated by a TSA agent.

However, it’s very unlikely that you will have a problem going through airport security to bring your umbrella on a plane.

Additionally, the umbrella will be inspected to ensure that prohibited items are not concealed.

An Umbrella is Neither a Carry-on or Personal Item

With US airlines, an umbrella is almost always considered neither a carry-on nor personal item, meaning that it won’t count towards your allowance.

Airline policies aren’t always as generous and lenient in other countries, though.

In any case, the size restriction for bringing an umbrella on a plane is the same as the restrictions for carry-on bags.

This means that an umbrella should fit in your carry-on bag, so won’t count towards your allowance.

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The Best Type of Umbrella to Take on a Plane

Instead of bringing your huge golf umbrella, the best option is to take a foldable umbrella on a plane.

This is because it will easily fit in your carry on regardless of airline policy. Foldable umbrellas also don’t have pointed ends that may be confiscated by the TSA.

We recommend this one for travel.

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