Our home/apartment keys and car keys are something that we always have with us every time we leave our homes.

So if you have a flight coming up, you’re probably wondering what you will have to do with your keys.

According to TSA regulations, you can bring all types of keys on a plane in both your carry and checked bags.

But will they set off airport security?

What is the best place to store them?

Let’s find out.

Will Keys Set Off the Airport Security Metal Detector?

As keys are made of metal, they will set off the metal detector when you go through airport security.

You are therefore required to take your keys out of your pocket and place them in your carry on bag or in a screening bin as you go through airport security.

Should You Pack Keys in Your Checked Bag or Carry on?

As checked luggage occasionally gets lost, you definitely don’t want to pack your keys in your checked bag.

Arriving at your destination without your bag and keys and having no idea when you will get them back will be very stressful if you need to drive home or enter your home.

Packing your keys in your carry on is a better option, though there’s still a risk that your carry on bag will be misplaced or stolen.

It’s therefore best to place your keys in your pocket, so they will be on you at all times, thereby dramatically reducing the risk that they will be lost or stolen.

Should You Leave Your Car Keys at the Airport Parking Lot?

Whether you should leave your car keys at the airport parking lot with an attendant depends on the airport.

If you’re self-parking, you usually won’t have to leave your keys, but some parking providers require you to leave your keys, which they will hand back to you on your return.

Can You Bring a Metal Keychain on a Plane?

According to the TSA, you can bring a metal keychain on a plane in both your carry on and checked bags.

You will need to place the keychain in your carry on or in a security tray as you go through airport security.

Can You Bring a Chain Wallet on a Plane?

You can pack a chain wallet in both your carry on and checked bags.

Again, you will need to place your chain wallet in your carry on or in a security tray as you go through airport security.

Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security?

Generally, wearing jewelry through airport security will be no problem, though this will depend on the weight and size of the jewelry.

Jewelry that is bulky and contains a lot of metal is more likely to set off the airport metal detector, so you might want to take these off next time you fly and have to go through airport security.

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