How to Protect Your Dog’s Hearing While Flying

How to Protect Your Dog’s Hearing While Flying

You know just how loud a cockpit can be and wouldn’t imagine flying without a great aviation headset to protect your hearing. Your dog needs to protect its hearing while flying too.

There aren’t as such any aviation headsets for dogs like what we might use. But there is a smartly designed option for dogs that is effective in protecting their hearing. They are called Mutt Muffs. They provide a noise reduction of between 25 and 28 dB, and use the same thick foam found in headsets designed for humans.

Sizes range from extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large to cater to all dogs. Look at the image below to decide which size will be best for your four-legged friend.

Aviation Headset for Dogs - Size Chart

Similar to aviation headsets, the goal with Mutt Muffs isn’t to completely eliminate all noise – just to reduce it. Your dog will still be able to hear you talk, for example – albeit at a reduced level.

It is higher frequencies in particular that dogs are more sensitive to, like wind whistles and shrieks that we can’t even hear. These high frequencies can especially be a cause of discomfort for dogs. When wearing Mutt Muffs these noises are drastically reduced.

I’m sure at this point you think the concept is great but can’t imagine your dog sitting there with these covering their ears. Dogs have at least a rudimentary understanding of cause and effect and are fast learners.

If the muffs are removed and they experience discomfort, they will soon want the muffs back on their ears to eliminate this discomfort. Once this happens, they will happily sit there with the muffs covering their ears for as long as you are in the air.

The muffs securely fit to your dog’s head thanks to their soft elastic straps that are designed to not cause any pain or discomfort. The same applies to the chin strap. Both are simple to adjust for a better, more secure fit.