A flight attendant is a very in demand job with many perks, so you might be wondering what the chances of getting hired as a flight attendant are.

Looking at the data, we can tell you that your chances of becoming a flight attendant are about 1%.

This means for every 100 people who apply to become a flight attendant, just 1 person is accepted.

It’s estimated that airlines receive over 1,500,000 flight attendant applications a year.

To compare, it’s easier to get into Harvard than becoming a flight attendant, with an acceptance rate of 5%.

Clearly, if you have a dream of becoming a flight attendant, competition is fierce and these odds aren’t exactly great and work in your favor.

But there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a flight attendant.

4 Way to Increase the Chances of Getting Hired as a Flight Attendant

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a flight attendant.

  • Start Preparing Immediately

Most applicants don’t properly think about their application or assessment until the very last minute.

So if you take some initiative and properly do your research and have plenty of time to properly think about the questions and what will be asked of you, you will already be in a better position that most other candidates.

  • Think About Your Personal Skills

Remember that as a flight attendant, you are effectively the face of the airline.

And with flight attendants interacting with hundreds of passengers on a daily basis, you want to make sure that you are personable and can remain calm in a stressful situation.

All flight attendants will encounter disgruntled passengers, terrified passengers, or may even be involved in an emergency situation.

  • Know a Foreign Language

Being fluent in another language is a plus when it comes to many jobs – and it is no exception for flight attendants, especially given the international nature of the aviation industry.

If you know a foreign language, you may even be paid more.

  • Hit the Gym

To become a flight attendant, you will need to have very good stamina due to the active nature of the job.

After all, you will constantly be bending, stretching and balancing in an enclosed, cramped space as part of your daily duties.

You Can Become a Flight Attendant in Your 40s, 50s, 60s+

If you want to become a flight attendant in your 40s, 50s or are even older, the good news is that there is no maximum age restriction to become a flight attendant.

As long as you meet the requirements, you have every chance of becoming a flight attendant.

As someone who is older, you likely also have the maturity and experience that are very much valued qualities that airlines are looking for.

There is No Rule That Flight Attendants Have to Be Pretty

There’s no doubt that there is a stereotype that flight attendants are very pretty.

So many applicants think that they have to be very pretty to become a flight attendant.

The truth is that airlines only expect their flight attendants to have a “groomed look that meets conventional standards”.

The secret is that airlines have extensive grooming rules and advise their flight attendants on how they can look their best, which is why flight attendants always look so well put together.

What Disqualifies Someone From Becoming a Flight Attendant

There are several things that can disqualify someone from becoming a flight attendant.

  • Minimum age: At least 20 in the USA.
  • Felony: Non-violent felons may still have a slim chance.
  • Height: Usually in the range of 5 feet 2 inches (159 cm) to 6 feet 3 inches (192 cm) without shoes).
  • Inability to swim: Generally, the ability to swim 25-50 meters and tread water for 1-3 minutes.
  • Tattoos: Generally, no tattoos can be visible in uniform, though it can depend on the airline.

Becoming a Flight Attendant Doesn’t Take Too Long

To become a flight attendant, the training can take three to six weeks.

But the interview and hiring process can usually take between three and six months, depending on the airline.

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Why a Flight Attendant is Such an In Demand Job

A flight attendant is such as an in demand job due to the following perks:

  • Free flights
  • Flight benefits for family and friends
  • Flexible schedule
  • Good pay
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Health insurance
  • Free Hotel Points
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plans
Patricia is a senior flight attendant with over 20 years of experience working for a major U.S. airline, primarily on international long haul flights.
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