When it comes to hotel stays, the traditional model has always revolved around overnight stays or staying for an extended period of time.

But many people have specific needs and unique circumstances, so only want and need to book a hotel for a few hours.

So is it possible to book a hotel for a few hours?

While it’s possible to book a hotel for a few hours, not all hotels will allow you to do so – and only about 50% of hotels that allow for hourly stays will offer a discounted rate.

Some hotels that let you book hourly (or “microstays”) are actually higher quality than you might expect, including the Hyatt and Marriott.

Is it a Good Idea to Book a Hotel for a Few Hours?

Even though you might only need to stay in a hotel for a few hours, depending on the reason why you are booking such a short stay, it might not always the best idea.

Reduced Amenities

When booking hourly, you may not be entitled to access all the amenities the hotel offers.

For example, you might not be allowed to access the pool, workspaces, and gym, even if the hotel typically offers these amenities.

You Must Book for a Minimum Number of Hours

Most hotels, even though they might offer hourly stays, won’t let you book a room for just an hour or two.

Instead, you will have to book the room for a specific time slot, such as from 9am to 5pm.

This is because even if you stay for a few hours and check out early, the room will still need to be cleaned after you leave, so from the hotel’s point of view, it otherwise wouldn’t be worth it to offer the room.

Unavailability of Some Room Types

While it can depend on the hotel, some hotels that allow you to book hourly might not let you book a specific room type, such as a suite.

No Points

While it can depend on the hotel you book, if you book a room for just a few hours, you might not earn any points, or the points you receive will be at a reduced rate.

Block Out Times

During certain seasons and times of the year, such as during the holidays or a big event, a hotel that normally lets guests book rooms for just a few hours might not let you do so.

Where to Find Hotels That Allow Hourly Bookings

The best way to find hotels that allow for hourly bookings is to use an online platform, such as HotelsByDay or DayUse

These websites will let you choose the city and day you want to book, as well as the type of property and time slot.

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