According to TSA guidelines, you can bring an electric toothbrush on a plane in both your carry on bags and checked bags.

One thing to note, though, is that if your electric toothbrush contains a lithium ion battery, it is preferable if it is packed in your carry-on baggage.

Now you know that you can bring an electric toothbrush on a plane, let’s find out whether you will run into any issues with certain airlines; when flying internationally; and what, if any, difference an electric toothbrush with lithium ion batteries or a battery pack makes; or if you want to travel with spare batteries.

Bringing an Electric Toothbrush in Your Checked Luggage

Bringing your electric toothbrush in your checked baggage is fine, even if it uses a lithium ion battery.

This is because the toothbrush‘s rechargeable battery is usually built into the device.

But what about if you want to travel with a spare lithium ion battery – i.e. a removable battery – for your electric toothbrush?

In the event that you want to travel with spare lithium-ion batteries, these should be packed in your carry-on bag because they are prohibited in checked baggage.

Bringing an Electric Toothbrush in Your Carry On

You already know that you can bring your electric toothbrush in your carry-on bag and spare lithium-ion batteries should also be packed in your carry on luggage too, but do you have to follow any procedure like taking it out of your bag when going through airport security?

While portable electronic devices like laptops and tablets must be removed and placed in a security tray, you will not need to remove your electric toothbrush.

You can keep it right in your bag and in its case.

Airline Regulations

Every airline, whether it be a budget airline like Ryanair, or a U.S. airline like Delta, American Airlines, or Southwest, to name just a few, will have no problem with letting you bring your electric toothbrush with you, either in your carry on bags through the security checkpoint or checked luggage according to TSA regulations.

Domestic vs. International Flights

Electric toothbrushes are, of course, legal to own and not considered a weapon with their soft brush heads.

So whether you are flying Ryanair, EasyJet, Emirates, Qantas, or any other airline in the United States or around the world, you can bring your electric toothbrush through the security checkpoint in your hand luggage and keep your teeth clean on the plane and at your destination.

The Best Electric Toothbrush for Travel

The best electric toothbrush for traveling is the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100.

Travel Toothbrush - Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100
The best toothbrush for travel is the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100

Besides its excellent performance, what makes it so great for traveling is its rechargeable battery that delivers 2 weeks of power, compact design, soft and gentle brush head, and included travel case that makes it convenient to pack in your hand luggage.

You Can Bring a Regular Toothbrush

If you would like to bring a regular and not electric, rechargeable toothbrush on a plane that doesn’t contain a lithium battery, you will also be able to do so in both your carry on luggage and checked bags.

But Be Careful With Toothpaste

If you have a long flight and want to brush your teeth after your in-flight meal or before you go to sleep, rest assured that there is no issue bringing your toothpaste on a plane.

Just make sure that the toothpaste tube is less than 3.4 fl. oz. (100 ml), as toothpaste is considered a liquid. If it exceeds this, a TSA agent will confiscate your toothpaste in line with TSA regulations.

If not, don’t worry, you can buy a mini-sized, travel-friendly tube of toothpaste at many stores and even at the airport if you forget to buy one before you travel.

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Dental Floss is Also Allowed

If you take your oral hygiene seriously, you might also be wondering if you can bring dental floss on a plane.

According to the TSA website, the answer is yes.

You can bring dental floss, toothpicks, and other small dental instruments that are under 7 inches in length on a plane in both your carry-on bag and checked bag.

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