Many passengers like to bring a work laptop and a personal laptop with them when they fly.

Laptops can be cheaper in some countries than others, so some passengers purchase a laptop in other countries to bring back with them too.

So you might be wondering if you can bring a laptop on a plane and how many laptops you can bring on a plane, too.

The TSA do not state any limit for how many laptops you can bring on a plane:

  • “Multiple laptops are allowed through the security checkpoint.”
  • “Laptops are allowed in carry-on bags with no quantity limitations.”

However, airlines may have their own regulations.

The truth is that considering that the TSA do not specify a limit to the number of laptops you can bring, and airlines won’t check each passenger to see how many laptops they are traveling with either, you can likely take as many laptops as you want on your next flight without issue.

Bringing Laptops on a Plane – Checked Bags vs. Carry-On Bags

Carry On Bags

There is no limit to the number of laptops you can bring on a plane in your carry on bags.

When traveling with one or more laptops, the TSA state that you must “remove the laptops from your bag and place it in a separate bin for X-ray screening”.

The exception is if you have TSA Precheck.

The TSA state that “travelers do not need to remove shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, belts or light jackets”.

Checked Bags

Laptops are allowed in your checked bags. This includes laptops with removable and non-removable batteries.

However, spare batteries should be packed in your carry on bag.

We would recommend not packing any laptops in checked luggage, though, because they can be damaged more easily.

Can You Bring a Laptop on a Plane When Flying Internationally?

When flying internationally, there should be no problem bringing one or more laptops on a plane in both your carry on bags and checked bags.

  • IATA: The International Air Transport Association, which consists of 290 airlines in over 115 countries, state that laptops are allowed in both checked and carry-on bags.
  • TCCA: Transport Canada Civil Aviation allow laptops in both checked and carry-on bags.
  • CASA: The Civil Aviation Safety Authority oversees civil aviation in Australia. They state that laptops with batteries less than 160 watt-hours are allowed in both checked and carry-on bags.

Can You Use a Laptop on a Plane?

No matter how short or long your flight is, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use a laptop for most of the duration of your flight.

It is just during takeoff and landing that your laptop should be switched off.

How Many Electronic Devices Can I Bring on a Plane?

The TSA do not specify a limit to how many electronic devices you can bring on a plane.

Airlines can vary significantly in their policy, though,

American Airlines, for example, state that you can bring “two portable electronic devices” on a flight.

Delta, on the other hand, state that you are allowed 15 portable electronic devices.

Again, as airlines do not actively check how many electronic devices you are traveling with, you likely won’t run into any issues once you have passed through airport security.

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