If you’re thinking about bringing chewing gum on your next flight, then we have some good news.

TSA state that you can bring chewing gum on a plane in both in your carry-on bags and checked bags.

However, there are a few important things you should know before you bring chewing gum on your next flight, especially if traveling to one destination in particular.

By Airline

It doesn’t matter what airline you are flying with – whether that be United, American Airlines, Spirit, JetBlue, Frontier, or any other airline.

All airlines will allow you to bring chewing gum in both your carry on and checked bags without running into any issues.

Domestic vs. International Flights

Whether you are flying domestically within the USA or internationally, makes no difference.

Chewing gum is allowed in both your carry on and checked bags.

However, there is one country that takes a very different view to chewing gum than other countries: Singapore.

Bringing Chewing Gum Into Singapore

There is lots of misinformation involving chewing gum and Singapore.

Many people seem to think that the actual act of chewing gum itself is illegal in Singapore.

This is simply untrue.

Chewing gum is even legal and openly sold if it is therapeutic, dental, or nicotine in nature.

These types of chewing gum can be purchased from a doctor or registered pharmacist.

If you chew gum on the streets, you won’t get into trouble, as this is not illegal. However, if you spit out the gum and litter, you will face a steep fine.

Singapore takes littering extremely serious.

Bringing a pack or two of chewing gum into Singapore is very unlikely to be considered importation with the intent to sell, but it could be better to be on the safe side.

Bringing Nicotine Gum and Other Types of Gum

Whether you are planning on bringing sticks/slabs, tablets, coated pellets, sugar, sugar-free, dental, herbal, nicotine, or any other variety of chewing gum on your next flight makes no difference.

You can bring any type of chewing gum on a plane in both your carry on bags and checked bags.

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You Pack of Gum Can Already Be Opened

You can bring chewing gum on a plane in both its original packaging or open packaging.

You can also bring candy on a plane.

For opened packs of chewing open and candy, it is generally advised to keep it in a resealable bag that will be easy to examine.

Some Snacks Can’t Be Brought onto a Plane

The vast majority of snacks can be taken on a plane in both your carry on bags and checked bags.

The most important thing to know if you’re planning on taking the food item in your carry on bags is that if it is liquid based, the weight of the item in its container must not exceed 3.4 oz/100ml.

What is liquid-based may be open to interpretation for us, but not for the TSA.

This means that you have to be careful when bringing the following food items on a plane:

Should You Chew Gum on a Plane?

You’ve probably heard that chewing gum on a plane, especially during the ascent and descent, is a great idea.

After all, chewing gum opens the Eustachian tube and helps tour ears to adjust to the change in air pressure.

However, according to one travel doctor, chewing gum can make you bloat as it increases the amount of gas in your stomach.

This, in turn, results in more gas, bloat, and flatulence onboard.

After the flight, you may also become more sluggish.

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