TSA PreCheck is invaluable for speeding up the often long and frustrating airport screening process, with shorter lines, and you can keep your shoes and belt on, and keep your electronics and liquids bag inside your carry on bag.

But if only your spouse has TSA PreCheck and you don’t, or vice versa, can you both go through TSA PreCheck together?

Can Your Spouse Travel With TSA PreCheck?

Unfortunately, if you have TSA PreCheck and your spouse doesn’t, he or she will not able to go through TSA PreCheck with you, as TSA PreCheck does not apply to everyone on your reservation.

You both need the TSA PreCheck logo on your boarding passes to be able to go through together

What to Do If You Have TSA PreCheck But Your Spouse Doesn’t?

If you have TSA PreCheck and your spouse doesn’t, you only have two options:

  1. Go through TSA PreCheck yourself and wait for your spouse
  2. Give up your TSA PreCheck privileges and both use the regular line

Why You Should Still Go Through TSA PreCheck Alone

Even if your spouse doesn’t have TSA PreCheck, we still recommend taking advantage of it and going through alone.

This is because if you TSA PreCheck, you can make the airport screening process easier for both of you by bringing electronics and other items like a stroller through security more easily.

Considering that each passenger is allowed only a single-quart sized liquid bag, you will not be able to take their liquids bag with you, though.

Can Your Kids Travel With TSA Precheck?

According to TSA regulations, if you have TSA PreCheck:

  • Children aged 12 and younger can use the TSA PreCheck lane
  • Children aged between 13 and 17 can use the TSA PreCheck lane as long as they have the TSA PreCheck indicator on their boarding pass

How to Get TSA PreCheck for Your Spouse

Getting TSA PreCheck for your spouse is done the same way you got TSA PreCheck.

So your spouse will need to fill out an application, either in person or online, and go to an interview where their fingerprints will also be taken.

A fee will also need to be paid, which is $78 and ensures TSA PreCheck is valid for 5 years.

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