Whether you’re a business traveler attending meetings or a vacationer, you no doubt want to look your best, even when you’re away from home, so you might be wondering if your hotel will have an iron that you can use.

The short answer is that:

Most hotels have an iron and ironing board that you will be able to use for free. Sometimes they will already be in your room, but if not, you can request an iron and ironing board from the front desk.

When booking your hotel, it would be wise to check the hotel’s website, give them a call, or send a quick email to ask about the availability of irons in their rooms.

Factors Determining Your Hotel Having an Iron

Hotel Rating

If you stay in a higher-hated hotel, such as a four or five-star hotel, better amenities will likely be provided, including irons.

On the other hand, budget and cheaper hotels are more likely to have limited amenities.

Business vs. Leisure-Oriented Hotels:

Hotels that mainly cater to business travelers are more likely to provide an iron and ironing board because those type of guests have more of a need to look their best by wearing wrinkle-free clothes for meetings and events.

Conversely, leisure-oriented hotels are more focused on providing guests with better recreational facilities and experiences.

Special Requests or Room Types

Some hotels may offer specific room types that include additional amenities, such as irons and ironing boards, and other amenities for the convenience of guests.

The costs of these rooms will typically be higher, though.

What to Do If Your Hotel Room Doesn’t Have an Iron

If your hotel room doesn’t have an iron, you can do the following:

  • Ask the front desk if they have an iron that a member of staff can send up to your room.
  • Your hotel may have an ironing service, but be prepared to pay for this.
  • Take your clothes to a local ironing service.
  • Use a flat iron, hairdryer, or use a wrinkle releaser spray, like this one.
  • Hanging your clothes in a steamy bathroom may also help.
  • Steaming with a pot of tea can even work, especially if you’re dealing with small wrinkles.

The Best Travel Iron

As there is no guarantee that all hotels you stay at will have an iron, it might be a good idea to buy a small travel iron.

They tend to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack, yet feature all the qualities of a larger iron, such as quick heating, adjustable temperature settings to accommodate different fabric type, and steam functions for added versatility and wrinkle removal.

The Rowenta Pro Compact Travel Iron has proven to be very popular with people who travel often.

Be Careful When Using a Hotel Iron

Most people come and go to a hotel without ironing their clothes, which means that the iron your hotel gives you may not have been used for a long time.

Because of this, make sure that for the first few puffs of steam, you don’t use them on your clothes and send them into one of the hotel’s towels instead.

This is because the iron’s steam holes could be filled with brown mineral deposits, which you definitely won’t want to get on your clothes.

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