If you’ve never been on a helicopter before, you’re definitely in for an unforgettable experience.

To make sure that the experience is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, it’s a good idea to know beforehand what you should wear on a helicopter ride.

While what you should wear can vary depending on the time of year, location, and weather, there are a few general guidelines you should follow.

In general, you should wear dark clothes, closed-toe shoes, comfortable pants/jeans, sleeved shirts, and a light jacket. You might not want to forget the sunscreen, either.

6 Things You Should Wear on a Helicopter Ride

Dark Clothes

Our first recommendation to what to wear on a helicopter ride probably isn’t something you thought of.

Wearing dark clothes is a must to avoid a reflection in the windows, so you can enjoy the best possible view.

Closed-Toed Shoes

Even if the weather calls for sandals, it’s better to wear closed-toed shoes.

This is because slip on shoes, sandals and especially heels make it difficult to climb in and out of the helicopter, and your feet won’t be adequately protected either.

Comfortable Pants/Jeans

Wearing comfortable pants or jeans is a good idea because you’ll be sitting down for the duration of your trip.

Make sure that these aren’t loose either because they can catch the wind a lot more easily and result in an uncomfortable flight.

For women who are thinking of wearing a dress or skirt, it’s probably not the best idea due to how windy it can get, especially when entering or exiting the helicopter.

Sleeved Shirts

Sleeved shirts are a great item of clothing to wear on a helicopter tour to prevent your arms from getting cold.

Again, make sure that the shirt isn’t too loose due to how windy it can get up there.

Also, a sleeved shirt with buttons at the wrist is worth considering to prevent your sleeves from flapping in wind.

Light Jacket/Windbreaker

If you think you’ll get cold in the helicopter, especially if flying in the winter, it’s a much better idea to wear a light jacket or windbreaker instead of an over-sized coat.

An over-sized coat can spill over to the passenger next to you, and it might even be hard for you to fasten your seatbelt.


Wearing sunscreen on a helicopter ride is important yet often overlooked.

Helicopter ride tours often fly at over 15,000 feet, which means that you are closer to the sun’s harmful rays.

As the windows inside a helicopter do a poor job of blocking harmful UVA rays, it’s recommended that you use a sunscreen that has excellent UVA protection.

We recommend the lightweight, gentle, and non-greasy EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen.

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