An iPad can be an invaluable tool in the cockpit, but it can often be hard to find the perfect position and location for it. It needs to be set up so it is easy to view and use without getting in the way.

Generally, you can either mount the iPad using a yoke or suction mount, or rely on a pilot kneeboard to attach the iPad onto your lap.

Some pilots prefer using a kneeboard while others prefer to use a mount, as constantly having to look down can negatively impact situational awareness.

If you choose to go for a mount option, the following are your best bet.

Best iPad Suction Mounts for Pilots

MyGoFlight Flex Suction Cup Mount

MyGoFlight Flex Suction Cup Mount Light-weight and easy to configure while managing to deal with any turbulence or shock.

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The MyGoFlight Flex Suction Cup Mount is uniquely designed to be universally compatible with any iPad or device.

With its super-strong suction cup, there isn’t any issue securely attaching it onto any flat surface, where it remains even under the intense vibration of your aircraft.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the MyGoFlight Flex Suction Cup is light-weight and easy to configure, while managing to be heavy-duty enough to deal with any turbulence or shock.

The adjustable arm is a very welcome feature that any pilot will appreciate, as it allows you to adjust the position of your iPad with precision, either vertically or horizontally.

RAM X-Grip with RAM Twist-Lock Suction Cup Mount

RAM X-Grip Suction Cup Mount The RAM X-Grip is best suited for the iPad Mini, and allows for precise adjustment.

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Best suited for the iPad Mini, the RAM X-Grip Suction Mount features a spring-loaded ‘X’ design for excellent holding power.

Due to its ball and socket technology design, you are able to adjust the position of the mount very precisely.

There is no need to worry about the RAM Suction Cup Mount attaching to any flat surface either. And thanks to its twist-lock design, once the device is attached, you won’t get it to budge.

Best iPad Yoke Mounts for Pilots

MyGoFlight Flex Yoke Sport Mount

MyGoFlight Flex Yoke Sport Mount Lightweight and made from aluminum and stainless steel, the MyGoFlight Flex Yoke Sport Mount is compatible with any 7-inch to 11-inch tablet or iPad.

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The MyGoFlight Flex Yoke Sport Mount is compatible with any 7-inch to 11-inch tablet or iPad, making it suitable for use with the latest generation iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models.

Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, and weighing just 4 ounces, it is lightweight and designed to handle up to a 20g impact.

The Yoke Sport Aviation Mount is easy to install, and its quick-release toggle clasp ensures that removal and adjustment to and from landscape and portrait positions is quick and easy.

Any vibration is also kept to a minimum, regardless of in-flight conditions.

RAM Double Socket Arm with Small Tough-Claw Base

RAM Double Socket Arm Mount Ideal for the iPad Mini and  features a non-slip, shock, and vibration dampening design

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Ideal for the iPad Mini, this yoke mount from RAM incorporates a non-slip, shock, and vibration dampening design to keep your iPad secure and safe as you fly.

Made of high-strength composite and stainless steel, the RAM Double Socket Arm Mount quickly attaches and won’t move once it had been attached.

How We Picked the Best iPad Mounts for Pilots

  • Suction Mount vs. Yoke Mount Difference

A suction mount does exactly what it says: it mounts your iPad onto the windshield through suction. As it can easily be attached anywhere on the windshield, it is the more flexible option.

A yoke mount utilizes an aircraft’s yoke to attach an iPad via a clamp mount. Because of this, it isn’t as flexible, but can be better suited for smaller cockpits where space is at a premium.

  • Aircraft Type

If you fly a Cessna high-wing (Cessna 172, Cessna182, etc.), Cirrus or Cessna Corvalis, or Piper and Mooney, using either a suction cup mount or yoke mount is usually fine. Either will work, and the decision for which one to use will come down to preference.

It is only when you begin to fly small/mid-size jets that you should opt for a kneeboard.

  • Brand

There are only two brands that pilots rely on when it comes to iPad mounts: RAM and MyGoFlight.

These companies specifically design mounts for pilots, whereas the majority of other companies focus more on non-aviation modes of transportation like vehicles.

What You Should Know

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible, so you should know:

  • We picked the best iPad mount for pilots based on several factors and features, including whether your preference is a suction or yoke mount, the type of aircraft you fly, the brand of the mount, and price.
  • We have made my recommendations based on thousands of owner reviews, including a combination of testing and firsthand experience, and iPad mount reviews from other outlets.
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