For many women, makeup wipes are a must-have when traveling, so you might be wondering if you can bring them on a plane.

After all, makeup wipes contain liquid, which the TSA have rules about bringing on a plane.

Can You Bring Makeup Wipes on a Plane?

Carry on Bags

You can bring makeup wipes on a plane in your carry on bags with no restrictions.

Even though the TSA have a rule in place called the 3-1-1 Rule that prohibits passengers from bringing liquids (as well as gels and aerosols) that exceed 3.4oz/100ml in their carry on, this rule does not apply to makeup wipes.

Makeup wipes are not considered a liquid by the TSA.

Checked Bags

If you would prefer to pack makeup wipes in your checked bags, you will be able to do so with no restrictions.

Airline Policies

As airlines follow TSA regulations, this means that you can bring makeup wipes on a plane operated by all airlines, including Southwest, United, Delta, American Airlines, JetBlue, and all other major and regional air carriers.

International Flights

Regardless if you’re flying domestically or internationally, you can pack makeup wipes with no restrictions in both your carry on and checked bags.

How to Pack Makeup Wipes for Travel

As makeup wipes aren’t considered a liquid, you do not have to place them in your liquids bag as you got through airport security.

You can choose to do so if you want to in order to keep all your toiletries together, but you can leave them in your carry on bag and do not have to take them out.

Can You Use Makeup Wipes on a Plane?

For those long flights, especially ones that take place overnight, you’ll probably want to remove your makeup.

Thankfully, you can bring and use makeup wipes on a plane to take off your makeup.

You Can Bring Also Bring Face Wash and Makeup Remover

You can bring face wash on a plane in both your carry on and checked bags, but if the cleanser exceeds 3.4oz/100ml, it should only be packed in your checked bags.

If you want to bring a bar of soap on a plane instead, there are no restrictions if packed in your carry on.

If the makeup remover you want to bring is in the form of a bottle of liquid, such as micellar water, then the 3-1-1 Rule must be followed.

Makeup You Can Bring on a Plane

You can bring every single item of makeup in your checked bags with no restrictions, but the same does not apply to your carry on.

This is because the 3-1-1 Rule must be followed.

So, if you want to pack liquid foundation, primer, mascara etc. in your carry on, each item must not exceed 3.4oz/100ml.

However, items like stick concealer, and powder foundation can be packed in your carry on with no size restrictions as they don’t count as liquids, gels, or aerosols.

We go into more detail about what makeup you can bring on a plane in our dedicated article.

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